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How to Identify Bad Links You Got on your site

Forget bad neighborhoods, link farms, blog comments, paid links, spam for a sec. Look at your internal links and think about how to identify the bad Links you got. It’s an essential task for a webmaster to pointing the source of bad links of a site. That it earn from different sites. Today I’m focusing […]

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Why You Will Use Digital Marketing?

When you are running a company, it can be hard to figure out what method you should be used to digital marketing company. Why Use Digital Marketing? You should learn more about why you need to use the present digital marketing. When you know about this, it will be easy for you to have the […]

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Why Are My Pages Being De-Indexed?

Naturally, you were experiencing the deindexing problem (which means that some Google guy must have declared your site as spammy and kicked it out of the index). Possible reasons: Accidently blocked the page with the robots meta tag/ robots.txt (check webmaster tool for messages – also check for crawl errors) All internal links to the […]

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Why Am I Seeing Different Ranking Results?

I obsess over rankings, and I know they say traffic and conversions are the most critical metric. Seeing your ranking results are soar fantastic and can be annoying when you see yourself doing great for a keyword, then when you check work, you get a much lower result. Even when you are logged out of […]

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What to Tweet about To Get Twitter Followers

Simply tweeting without direction(what to tweet about) won’t endear you to followers and engage with them effectively enough to build brand loyalty. Social Media is a bit like England left wing a few years ago. You can’t just play anyone there! For example, Barmby, Heskey, Wise, Ince, Sherwood, Downing ….. Companies often get anyone to […]

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What key Metrics Goes in a PPC Report

SEO reporting is monthly fine, but PPC is more reactive and instant. It needs to be reported weekly. now you should know what goes in a PPC report. Before reporting, have a clear goal in mind so you can see how successful a month you have had, If the aim were to drive buzz, then […]

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Using Twitter to Improve Your Rankings

Both Google and Bing have confirmed that authoritative figures retweeting your posts can help your rankings. Below are a couple of methods to go about using Twitter to improve rankings. 1) Get Your Tweets Noticed! Now your industry and follow relevant authoritative people. Following someone does not necessarily mean they will follow back. The ones […]

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Website SEO Audit Checklist in 2021

It’s very important for ALL website owners to conduct site SEO audit on a regular basis. When search engines crawl your site, it checks some technical SEO issues, slow page speed, duplicate content, broken links, or anything else that could be preventing your website from getting all the traffic (and conversions) it deserves. Here is […]

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How Social Media Impacts SEO Ranking Factors

Social data affects rankings but just having social profiles is not enough. I will talk through how social media impacts SEO ranking factors as well as what search engines deduce as authoritative profiles for each of the major platforms. Facebook The number of fans/likes is the most tangible way of figuring out the popularity of […]

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