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Facebook EdgeRank: The Ultimate Facebook Algorithm

While not as complex as search engine algorithms, Facebook EdgeRank that in social media platforms also have their own set of factors determining placement and relevance.

I have discussed the factors which influence your profile rankings in the internal Facebook search and autocomplete box, and this article looks at EdgeRank.

An Edge is an update, so a text update, link, photo, video, etc
EdgeRank determines how likely your post (edge) will appear in your customer’s newsfeed.



The closeness you have with the person and is determined by your comments, likes on their activity, plus how often you view their profile, message them and post on their wall.

Of course, Facebook has no way of knowing how close you are with that person, and maybe you comment more on their updates

because they appear in your stream more. After all, Facebook thinks you have a strong affinity with them.

In order to show Facebook your audience has a strong affinity with you, then you must ensure people do all the above.

To encourage comments by asking questions, post unique content, so people like, encourage wall posts, and post updates during breaks,

so they are more likely to click on your profile. Also, it’s important to stimulate further interaction, so if someone posts on your wall, then like it and comment.


Weight means adding more to your update, so this could be a video, link, or photo. Add your location, try polls, etc.

Photos may carry the most weight for some brands whilst video others etc. You would need to experiment to see the content your users value the most.

Weight drives affinity as creating posts that are different and content-heavy will encourage the interaction (affinity).


Time decay affects edge rank; the most recent updates are seen as the most relevant. Thus it is important to post 5/6 updates spread out during the day

i.e., catching people on their way to work, first break, lunch, afternoon break, on the way home, and in the evening.

final word is that posting regularly with interactive content that includes images and videos. It inspires people’s comments and likes.

You’ll see your posts, Edges, do better as a result. The best way to learn more about Facebook EdgeRank is to experiment lots.


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