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Most Important Elements Of Big Brand SEO

In SEO Industry, we all know major search engines always prefer big brands for their (big brand seo) strategies.

When you search with any keyword into Google, and you will see big brands dwelling top results.

Of course, they have some tactics or elements that made them better. This article outlines the most important elements of big brand SEO.

Integration and Communication Strategy For Big Brand SEO

  • SEO’s need to know all marketing activity, not just digital but above the line too.
  • Involve SEO ppl in meetings, sneak peeks and demos so we can get an idea of how to optimize the landing page(s) and the types of links to target.
  • How will offline advertising affect site traffic – set traffic KPI’s
  • Consistency with SEO keyword targets, marketing messaging and social media reach
  •  Messaging of the advertising and how it related to keyword targets, e.g. is the ad making searchers use specific navigational queries. Possibly change keyword target to a higher search for a term.
  • Use PPC to cover gaps.
  • Display ads reflect TV ads, for example.
  • Change affiliate banners to reflect TV ads, for example
  • Tracking codes set on description URL’s on videos, also watermark images.

SEO Ensures Branding Big Brand

  • You want the first page to show your PPC ad, root domain, microsites, blog, office social media profiles, Wikipedia, app, profile in authorities (FT/ Guardian/ Telegraph etc.). News, blended search (images/videos)
  • You want your brand to be visible at every stage of the buying process – research (your blog/your blogger network)/ category (your category page)/product (your product page)/ brand (intention to buy from your brand)
  • For some brands, their products are brands themselves, e.g. iPad – Apple. There is merit in creating whole microsites around that brand product.

Search Reputation Management  For Big Brand SEO

  • More people talk about big brands, so there is more of a chance people will speak about your brand in a negative way
  • To prevent sites from ranking, use Google Suggest to find the most famous phrase people use, then create and optimize a landing page
  • Use social media to answer complaints and concerns

Direction Of Big Brand SEO

  • Big brands naturally get lots of links, but a little guidance can greatly help SEO efforts – PR SEO guidelines & blogger outreach editorial link suggestions.

Big Brand Should Be First Mover In SEO Strategy

  • Being the first mover gets you some authority first, e.g. Pinterest, Google Plus, Google Plus One etc.
  • Being on-trend and predicting future trends means you will rank before any of your competitors, and if you rank highly to start with, the increased search volume for that term will get you loads of qualified traffic.

Ability To React In SEO For Big Brand

  • One of the issues with big brands is the ability to react, e.g. if you need to change something often, you will need clearance from the SEO Manager and branding and legal first.
  • Keeping your ear out on Google changes and discoveries should give you a little head start.

Finally, SEO changes from time to time, so you cannot be sure which SEO strategy will be working for your brand in the upcoming days.

More prominent brands have unique challenges and untapped potential. But you can easily get lost in the red tape and noise by following the practicing elements of big brand SEO.


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