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How Ecommerce Sites Can Dominate Google SERP In 2021

It’s an essential matter to your eCommerce shops that need to be found on the internet to grow, convert users, and boost your bottom line.

Here we’ve shared 14 powerful tips on how eCommerce sites can dominate the Google SERP with your entities.

  • Ensure you have clean navigation so that it can be applied to site links
  • Run a paid search campaign on your brand terms, misspellings, and variations. Also, add site links to these
  • Promote positive external sources through social media
  • Run your blog on a subdomain or separate domain
  • SEO social profiles – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube & Google Plus (soon)
  • Blogger outreach to review products, so you create more positive content
  • SEO videos
  • Submit to Google Places
  • Submit to Google Shopping
  • Create microsites for separate events/promotions etc
  • Local directories which you can edit
  • Press releases/articles

Final words, Your eCommerce brands may not have sufficient resources to dedicate to a robust SEO strategy.

It’s essential to narrow down what matters to your audience and focus on those elements.

Optimizing your website with these14 powerful tips on how eCommerce sites can dominate the Google SERP will allow you to deliver valuable content to search engines.

So your content is appropriately displayed in the SERP for your potential customers to find and click.


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