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How to Identify Bad Links You Got on your site

Forget bad neighborhoods, link farms, blog comments, paid links, spam for a sec. Look at your internal links and think about how to identify the bad Links you got.

It’s an essential task for a webmaster to pointing the source of bad links of a site. That it earn from different sites.

Today I’m focusing on what links are bad for your site.

How to Identify Links Are Bad You Got:

  • Links in submission required forms – spiders will not attempt to submit forms. Thus any content or links that are accessible only via this form are invisible to the engines
  • Links in Javascript – if you use JavaScript for links, search engines will not crawl. If they do, then they assign little weight
  • Links in Flash, Java, or plug-ins – invisible to search engines
  • Links in Powerpoint and PDF – like above, links sometimes reported but value low.
  • Links pointing to blocked by robots – search engines already told not to pass link juice via the link
  • Links on pages with 100′s of links – the more you have, the less likely the link will be crawled
  • Links in frames or iframes – not crawled

So, to avoid google penalty, You must compare metric distributions to identify the bad link. You should compare your site with your competitor.


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