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Important Factors of Ranking #1 for Multiple Keywords

It’s really a pleasure for a site owner to see his site Ranking #1 for Multiple Keywords.

You should have one keyword target per page, and this term should be the most relevant and bring in good qualified traffic.

Your second and third keyword targets should either be a longer tailed variation or a related phrase, e.g., if the keyword target is “Gifts for Her,” then

the longer tailed would be “Special Gifts for Her” and the variation “Gifts for Women.”

So can you rank #1 for more than one term? Well, It depends on the competitiveness, search volume, and authority of the current page for similar terms.

 Before Any Optimization Takes Place you Should Look at:

  • Search volume of keyword targets
  • Number of pages with the keywords in the title
  • Number of social mentions of that keyword and the context i.e., which brand associated with
  • Incoming traffic via those keywords
  • Number of conversions via those keywords

After looking at all these factors, it should be clear which keyword is the target and which is/are the supporting keywords.

How to Optimize Your Secondary Keywords:

  • Keyword further right in the title tag: Gifts for Her – Luxury Gifts for Women │ Brand
  • Keyword mentioned in the second sentence in the meta description: Gifts for her from <brand>. Luxury gifts for women with same-day delivery. Whilest meta description is not a direct ranking factor, having secondary keywords gets those terms bolded, thus increasing traffic via those terms.
  • Secondary keyword naturally in the copy but not as emphasized as the primary keyword target, i.e., not bolded and in the 2nd or 3rd paragraph
  • Allow for user-generated content, e.g., comments reviews, so that you can rank for more long-tail phrases.
  • Secondary keyword in H2 tag, e.g., “Our Summer Collection of Gifts for Women.”
  • 25% of the internal links use the secondary keyword in the anchor text
  • The most important factor: backlinks generate enough backlinks with the secondary keyword in the anchor text. You may not even need to do the above if you get enough links in.

So, If you follow these important factors, your site will come the position of Ranking #1 for Multiple Keywords.


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