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Pros and Cons of Linking Out of Your Site

Linking out makes your site valuable, resource able and scalable. Here I’m discussing the pros and cons of linking out.

A quick sum-up of the pros and cons of linking out:

Linking Out Why not to:

  • Keeps link juice internal, i.e., not passing any juice
  • Keeps visitors on your site
  • Don’t want to help competition (hinder your rankings)
  • Anchor text plays a big part in rankings, so you will need to be creative with the link out, i.e., don’t use exact anchor text.

Linking Out Why do it:

  • Unnatural not to link out; it looks odd.
  • Proven not even to harm rankings
  • Good form out outreach and may encourage a link back.
  • Add contextual signals to your content i.e., helps search engines figure out what your page is about

Using a limited number of links out is helpful for your site. It makes your site important and trusted. Helps search engine to figure out what about your content is.

It improves site ranking even facilitates relationships with other businesses. So, you can use it by considering the pros and cons of linking out.


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