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How To Get Your Website/New Pages Indexed Quickly

This article’s purpose is to guide you on the various ways of How To Get Your Website/New Pages Indexed Quickly.


Indexing is a process of search engines finding and understanding your site’s content through the use of spiders.

Once your content is spidered and appropriately indexed, the search engines will update their index, and your page will be visible in the search results pages.

Getting indexed is the first step; you have to build your backlink portfolio to ensure good rankings.

How to get your site indexed quickly:

  • Submit an XML sitemap to the Google Search Console tool
  • Create an HTML sitemap for users
  • Use a spider checker to see how crawlable your content is
  • Gain do-follow links
  • Ensure your site has SEO friendly URLs
  • Geo-targeting the correct region
  • Submit your site to authoritative directories
  • Article submissions
  • Ensure none of your pages have 404’s or 500 errors
  • Make sure your page load speed is pretty good
  • Make sure spider can access all content within 3 clicks
  • All pages should be interlinked, and each page should have no more 250 internal links on
  • Monitor Search console tool to get crawl rate and unblock any pages blocked by accident
  • Static pages are easier to index than dynamic pages
  • Create social profiles as soon as you launch your site and include your site’s URL in the bio. Social networking sites have high-speed crawl rates, and bots immediately peek on their new pages
  • If you have a blog on your site, then use pinger services
  • Use Yahoo! Answers to gain a link from a site that will be crawled immediately due to its popularity
  • Add share buttons (Tweet/Like)
  • Submit your site to social bookmarking sites
  • Make sure your sites URL is in the signature of your emails
  • Add fresh content frequently to your site so robots come back and visit more often

 How to Get New Pages Indexed Quickly:

  • Look at cache date and how long it took to get previous pages in the index; this will give you a realistic time-scale for getting new pages indexed
  • Link internally to the new page from authoritative pages and navigation is good
  • Update your sitemap and submit it to webmaster tools
  • Update your sitemap for users
  • Use social media profiles to link to the new page and get some buzz/incoming traffic. Retweets will help (although not as quickly as before)

If you want that How To Get Your Website/New Pages Indexed Quickly, you should follow these steps properly. For more info you can read our previous articles.


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