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Overlooked SEO Factors: Must Maintain in Interval

In this article, I am pointing out some overlooked SEO factors that every marketer must maintain in the interval.

Overlooked SEO Factors: Must Maintain in Interval

  • Load time – people expect quick sites > it’s all about speed 3 seconds and you’ve lost them
  • Site design – well-designed sites attract more links than badly designed ones as it’s embarrassing to associate yourself with such sites.
  • The centerfold – make sure your key content is above the centerfold. You may need to resize banners, reduce nav, etc.
  • Killing pages – pages with little views, high bounce rate, and out-of-date content will bring down. The rest of the site either uses the useful content elsewhere or kills them.
  • Keep links to a minimum – While there isn’t a strict 100 links per page rule anymore, you should not duplicate links. Internal links should be ordered in terms of priority.
  • Noindex – It may seem the more pages indexed. The better but in fact, having slightly different pages indexed can cause problems, e.g., the second page of a category being ranked highest as this means not the best products are served (merchandising), handbag in red ranked when most people expect the blue one (bounce rates)
  • Rich content – could that page have higher-res images or videos? Rich content keeps the user on the page longer and attracts links.
  • Time spent reading content – similar to the last point, give a reason to read the content – be different.

If you maintain in interval these overlooked crucial SEO factors, you can save your site from different google updates. for more info, you can read our other articles.


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