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In 2021 How Does Google Know My Brand?

Google uses a different types of signals to determine brand queries and thus serve the brand. We ask, “how does google know my brand?”

For example, you enter “Nike” – you expect to be served Nike as the top result, and you are, but Google doesn’t have a list of brands

on its database and match up terms to stored URLs. Google looks at various factors, and this article looks at the factors Google takes into account.

On and Off-Page

  • Brand keyword in all URLs
  • Brand keyword repeated across the majority of titles
  • A considerable percentage of external links with brand keywords (and variations) in the anchor text

Spread of Clicks

If most people click on the #1 result and very few on the second and third, then it is likely that the keyword is a brand. The more even the spread of clicks, the less likely the keyword is to be a brand term. Social profiles and subdomains may capture a good percentage of clicks, but Google knows these sites are part of the main domain.

User Behaviour

After clicking the result, how much time do you spend there until your return to the SERP? How do you interact with the site? These results indicate brand familiarity i.e. the way you behave shows you are familiar with the brand.

Returning Visits

If particular keywords bring returning visits to your site only, it is likely relevant to your brand only.

But How Does Google Know I am a Brand?

  • Mentions in the mainstream media
  • Links from mainstream media sites to your homepage
  • Buzz & mentions of your brand
  • Search volume for your brand
  • Traffic data
  • Related search volume i.e, Nike Football Boots

The target of Google is to analyze all information based on current metrics. Google has admitted it can track your physical location even

if you turn off location services using data gathered from Wi-Fi and other wireless signals near your phone. Sometimes they do it with perfect timing and accuracy. Thus google knows about your brand.


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