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What key Metrics Goes in a PPC Report

SEO reporting is monthly fine, but PPC is more reactive and instant. It needs to be reported weekly. now you should know what goes in a PPC report.

Before reporting, have a clear goal in mind so you can see how successful a month you have had,

If the aim were to drive buzz, then lots of clicks without conversions would be classed as a success, but if the goal were purely sales, then this would be a failure.

Report on:

  • Time frame
  • Campaign
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • Impressions
  • CPC
  • Cost
  • Conversions revenue
  • Cost per conversion
  • Conversion
  • ROI
  • Average position
  • Comparison between previous time frame
  • Results in comparison to KPI’s

If you have enough time, then also report down to keyword level, so you judge which keywords to spend more/less on.

These numbers can be meaningless without some commentary to explain. I mean CTR may have gone up, but this could be due to seasonality, spend, or competitor activity.

Has the landing page changed?

Maybe something in the media drove traffic but not conversions

Report on changes from using different ad copy, Google experiments, and new keyword targets.

Look at the stats the year previous, so you can judge if the stats are average.

Based on all the data, is everything good/bad. How does it meet online marketing and overall business objectives?

Use visuals such as charts to plot Clicks, CTR and conversion rate so clear trends can be shown.

From the PPC report, make recommendations, i.e. keywords to bid more/less on, campaigns to set up, landing pages to change, ad copy improvements, etc.


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