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Using Twitter to Improve Your Rankings

Both Google and Bing have confirmed that authoritative figures retweeting your posts can help your rankings. Below are a couple of methods to go about using Twitter to improve rankings.

1) Get Your Tweets Noticed!

  • Now your industry and follow relevant authoritative people. Following someone does not necessarily mean they will follow back. The ones that do will notice your tweets if they are relevant. Thus, you may get a retweet.
  • Your blog can help! Add social media share widgets to gain backlinks, and the more posts you get shared, the better.
  • You scratch my back, and I will do yours….. retweet links from authoritative people, and perhaps they will retweet your posts or follow you.
  • Conduct a little trend analysis and use hashtags to post links hot right now in your industry.

2) Become an Authoritative Yourself

All those influential people/organizations had to start somewhere. So part of your thoughts should be how you become one of them.

Post relevant and helpful info to satisfy existing followers and gain new ones. Conduct some searcher analysis and analysis of your own Twitter profile to better understand coming up with ideas for great tweets.

In addition to posting, sharing, retweeting, spend some time responding to not only your tweets but relevant ones to get your name out there.

This is how by using Twitter you can Improve Your Rankings.


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